We guess it’s news: Microsoft sets date, time for E3 press conference

We just got the “save the date,” and we figured you may as well hear it here, as you’ll probably hear about it everywhere else. Microsoft will kick off E3 2009 this year with an Xbox 360 media briefing on Monday, June 1 at 10:30 A.M.

The invite came complete with an image of what we can only call the “Orange Ring of Life,” an obvious response to the “Red Ring of Death” issues which are now firmly in the past. You can see the image in our gallery.

Mark your calendars folks, because this may be the first bit of information that comes out of this year’s return-to-form E3. Outside of Halo: ODST (and maybe Alan Wake?), Microsoft have been playing their cards close to their chest, so we’re hoping for some surprises. What do you hope they talk about and (we hope) show us?

Nick Chester