We gots the Crisis Core opening, don’t tell anyone!

For those of you who are lucky and tolerant enough to not be completely burned out on Final Fantasy VII spin offs, here is the supposedly leaked video of Crisis Core‘s pre-game introduction movie, complete with old school music, Sephiroth, and all that other stuff that Square-Enix has thoroughly raped over the past couple of years.
Call me a mean old miser if you will, but my love for Final Fantasy VII has dried and shrivelled into a decaying husk of late, thanks to Square-Enix continually picking at it like a scab that won’t be allowed to heal. I hear the music, I see the Sephiroth, and none of it means anything anymore. I can only see Sephiroth so many times before all the mystery’s gone and I fail to become impressed. Final Fantasy VII was, to me, the first game that hit me across the face and presented videogames as a potentially superior form of storytelling. For me to say that I no longer feel anything when I think about the game is just sad.
Sorry about the rant there. I feel like I’ve given you candy, but not without a long lecture about how it rots your teeth. Candy, for the record, does not rot your teeth or affect your health in any way. Keep stuffing it down kids, with extra handfuls of sugar stolen from shops.
[Le Tip, Le Golden, Le Donut]
Jim Sterling