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We are the (EVO 2017) champions, my friend

2017-07-17 09:00:00·  2 minute read   ·  Chris Moyse@ChrisxMoyse

Weekend of punching leaves surprisingly few hospitalised

Another Evolution Fighting Championship has come to an end. Thousands of fight-fans descended on Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas this weekend to test their mettle against the world's top players in major and minor tournaments.

When the dust settled after a string of great, intense finals (Blazblue in particular) here's who stood supreme:

Street Fighter V

Champion: FOX|Tokido (Akuma)

2. PG|Punk (Karin/Nash)
3. GGP|Kazunoko (Cammy)
4. DNG|Itabashi Zangief (Zangief)
5. Moke (Rashid)
5. Liquid|NuckleDu (Guile)
7. GRPT|MOV (Chun-Li)
7. SPY|Filipino Champ (Dhalsim)

Tekken 7

Champion:  FOX|JDCR (Dragunov/Heihachi)

2. FOX|Saint (JACK-7)
3. Knee (Feng/Steve/Bryan/Devil Jin/Dragunov)
4. Taisei (Steve)
5. JEOndding (Eddy/Lucky Chloe)
5. Streamme|Anakin (JACK-7)
7. Suiken (Eliza)
7. Yamasa|Take (Kazumi/Bryan)

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Champion: SPY|RyanLV (Chun-Li, Morrigan, Phoenix)

2. EG|NYChrisG (Morrigan, Dr. Doom, Vergil)
3. PC|MarvelGod (Magneto, Dr. Doom, Phoenix)
4. Paradigm (Haggar, Dormammu, Dr. Doom / Haggar, Rocket Raccoon, Arthur)
5. KPB|Prodigy (Magneto, Dr. Doom, Phoenix)
5. JoeyD (Zero, Dr. Doom, Vergil)
7. NoLife (Zero, Dante, Vergil)
7. GB|NotEnoughDamage (Zero, Dr. Doom, Vergil)

Injustice 2

Champion: Noble|Dragon (Aquaman/Poison Ivy)

2. cR|Honeybee (The Flash/Aquaman)
3. FOX|Theo (Superman)
4. Noble|Semiij (Catwoman)
5. PG|Hayatei (Robin/Batman)
5. FOX|SonicFox (Red Hood/Black Adam)
7. T7G|DR Gross (Black Adam/Green Lantern)
7. NASR|TekkenMaster (Atrocitus/Brainiac/Black Adam)

Guilty Gear Xrd: REV 2

Champion: KVOxTSB|Omito (Johnny)

2. /r/Kappa|T5M7 (Leo)
3. Samitto (Chipp)
4. Nage (Faust)
5. PurePure (Jack-O)
5. GGP|Kazunoko (Raven)
7. Teresa (Jam)
7. 310 (Venom)

Super Smash Bros. - Wii U

Champion:  MVG|Salem (Bayonetta)

2. TSM|ZeRo (Diddy Kong)
3. MSF|Larry Lurr (Fox)
4. P1|Tweek (Cloud/Donkey Kong)
5. KEN (Sonic)
5. NRG|Nairo (Zero Suit Samus/Bowser)
7. RNG|Dabuz (Rosalina/Luma)
7. CLG|VoiD (Sheik)


Champion: Ryusei (Carl)

2. Fenrich (Jin)
3. Fumi (Nine the Phantom)
4. IGS|Kaibutsukun (Izanami/Nine the Phantom)
5. Tochigin (Azrael)
5. TokyoVe|Souji (Arakune)
7. Mt. Takao (Rachel)
7. DoraBang (Bang/μ -No.12)

King of Fighters XIV

Champion: HuomaoTV|E.T. (Leona, Daimon, Benimaru)

2. DouyuTV|Xiao Hai (Kula, Benimaru, Iori / Robert, Kula, Iori)
3. KCO|Luis Cha (Mai, Andy Muimui)
4. HuomaoTV|ZJZ (Yuri, Mature, Leona)
5. TC|Pako (Meitenkun, Luong, Muimui / Meitenkun, Luong, Mai)
5. GCCM|WhiteAshX (Nakoruru, Yuri, Athena / Mian, Yuri, Athena)
7. Sanwa|M' (Kula, Benimaru, Iori)
7. AS|Reynald (Gang-Il, Geese, Meitenkun / Mian, Benimaru, Robert)

Super Smash Bros. - Melee

Champion: Alliance|Armada (Peach)

2. C9|Mango (Fox/Falco)
3. Liquid|Hungrybox (Jigglypuff)
4. FOX|Mew2King (Marth/Fox/Sheik)
5. Lucky (Fox)
5. PG|Plup (Sheik/Fox)
7. MSF|The Moon (Marth)
7. CLG|SFAT (Fox)

Alongside the tournaments, Publishers brought many announcements to the mass gathering, including new characters for BlazBlue, Tekken and Street Fighter V. A showcase of Marvel vs Capcom: Infnite, a trailer for the exciting-looking Dragon Ball FighterZ and great looking new games from ArcSys and Arika.

Hope all of you who tuned in enjoyed the show. There's now 12 months until EVO 2018. More than enough practice time for you to get your game on. Whaddya waiting for?

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