WayForward brings Mighty Flip Champs to the DSi

The guys at WayForward are developers after my own heart. LIT was one of my favorite WiiWare titles of this year, and of course we already know they’re working on a gorgeous reimagining of A Boy and His Blob. As I am a new DSi owner, I was thrilled to see that they also have a DSi game on the way called Mighty Flip Champs, which comes out on June 1st.

You play the game as Alta, a character that can flip through densely packed chambers of mazes. Looks as if the mazes will be on both screens (see gallery), with the action happening up top and the player touching the screen on the bottom to control it. This ought to be a real winner for retro platformer fans. It will retail for 800 DSi points when it comes out on June 1st. Thinking about downloading it?

Mighty Flip Champs Releases to DSiWare June 1st

Nintendo DSi™ owners can download Mighty Flip Champs starting Monday, June 1st, exclusively from the Nintendo DSi™ Shop for 800 Nintendo DSi Points™.

Valencia, Calif. – 5/29/2009—WayForward, developer of LIT and Shantae, will bring yet another serving of its old-school-flavored punch when it releases Mighty Flip Champs Monday, June 1st 2009 on Nintendo DSiWare™. Playing as Alta, players will “flip” through a virtual stack of maze-laden chambers as they guide their heroine through labyrinthine stages that will challenge even the most seasoned Nintendo DSi™ gamer.

Directed by Shantae creator, Matt Bozon, Mighty Flip Champs continues WayForward’s legacy of creating compelling original IP aimed squarely at gamers that demand modern game design with an old-school zest.
Featuring the pixel perfect gameplay gamers expect from WayForward, Mighty Flip Champ has the bite-sized gameplay that complements the Nintendo DSi platform and is perfect for marathon play and speed runs.

About Mighty Flip Champs

In Mighty Flip Champs, players control Alta as she warps through a virtual stack of maze-laden chambers that “flip” past like pages of a magical book.  Action takes place on the top screen, with the Touch Screen displaying a reflected preview of the next room, and Alta’s projected destination within it.  When it’s time to flip, Alta uses her Magical Warp Wand to replace her world with the next one.  Will she land safely on solid ground, or be crushed under it?  By cycling endlessly through room after brain busting room, players will match wits with some of the most inspired traps in puzzle/platforming history.

About WayForward

WayForward is an independent entertainment software developer operating out of Los Angeles County, California. In operation since 1990, WayForward has partnered with leading software publishers in bringing critically and commercially successful software across the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, PC, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi and Nintendo Wii platforms.

Colette Bennett