Watch me win Street Fighter IV 3DS by tapping the screen

Placed directly above these little signs that read “Do not film or take pictures of the screen” were several Nintendo 3DS systems with a bunch of the upcoming games running. In a game store in Tokyo today I managed to grab some stills and short videos of some of the upcoming 3DS games. 

On Street Fighter IV 3DS: Tap. I won. Tap. Combo. Tap tap tap. Win, win, win. What else do they have for me to play here? No, it looks great and plays well with the analog pad. It’s just that playing the computer was way too easy with how the combos and specials were assigned to the touch screen. In the video above you can see one of my victories, achieved by only tapping the screen.

Below you’ll find images from the 3DS versions of Dinosaurs 3D (hahahahahahah), Ridge Racer 3D (fun, but disappointing graphics), and the new Layton (looks lovely). Not pictured is the new Bubble Bobble game, because…well, who cares?

After the jump you’ll see a bit of Ridge Racer 3D‘s opening cinematic. They went with the hot race girl thing again.

Launch day for the 3DS is only days away here. People are going apeshit already.

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