Warzone player uses a voice changer to sound like a kid, hilarity ensues

Call of Duty Warzone players preparing to drop

Even his smack talk is surprisingly wholesome

I’m not usually one to watch streamers or YouTubers play the games I like, but every once in a while, someone will come along with a gimmick that re-contextualizes my love of various titles. Speedrunners will often grab my attention with their insanely in-depth knowledge of their favorite game, and I was a big fan earlier this year of a Twitch Streamer called DeanoBeano who got some amazing snipes in Call of Duty: Warzone using a recorder as a controller.

My new favorite creator is also a purveyor of some sweet Warzone content — his name is @slaterkodish on all his various socials, and while he streams every day, my absolute favorite are his TikToks. His specialty is using a voice changer to sound like a child (who is precisely ten and a half years old, he tells his teammates), and it is the absolute funniest gaming content I’ve seen in a good while. Every video has me in stitches as he starts talking and annoys his teammates with his voice, only to win them over with his hilarious quips and commentary.


1, 2 buckle my shoe

♬ original sound – slaterkodish

He’s got all the sass of a classic, smack-talking CoD player, but Slater always makes sure his alter ego is polite and kind to his teammates, making for some of the most wholesome encounters to likely ever come out of the game. He’s often telling his team that “teamwork makes the dream work,” and that he “loves them like a brother,” and hearing the other players echo the sentiments back just melts my heart every time.


this guy was a gigglepus

♬ original sound – slaterkodish

He’s not always 100% safe for work, but Slater’s depiction of a sixth grader is always accurate to a tee. It certainly helps that he uses one of the most convincing voice changers I’ve ever heard in my life, and he often calls to his “mom” offscreen to ask for more Pizza Rolls or call out their win to add to the effect. I hope Slater keeps spreading the love in the CoD lobbies as much as he can, because whatever this new wholesome brand of humor is, I’m obsessed with it.

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