Warhawk $59.99 at retail, includes Bluetooth headset

Sony has confirmed with 1UP that the PlayStation Network title, Warhawk, will be headed to retail shelves on a Blu-ray disc come August 28, 2007. They also have confirmed earlier reports that a retail version of the game will also ship with a Bluetooth headset, a peripheral that will certainly come in handy for fans of PS3 online play. 

From Sony, via 1UP

The highly anticipated title Warhawk, a PLAYSTATION 3 exclusive, will be available both as a downloadable title via PLAYSTATION Network and at retail stores as a Blu-ray disc on August 28, 2007. The Blu-ray version will retail at stores for $59.99 and will be bundled with a Jabra Bluetooth headset ($39 value), bonus features and upcoming product trailers. Pricing for the PLAYSTATION Network download of Warhawk has not been announced.

Pricing and release date for the downloadable version of Warhawk has yet to be announced, but if you assume you’re getting no discount on the $40 headset, it might be a safe bet to say it’ll cost no less than $19.99. The headset included, the Jabra BT125, has received solid review scores on sites like CNET.

This is definitely a slick move on Sony’s part, and will certainly drive gamers into the store where they’ll buy four or five SIXAXIS controllers and a copy of Motorstorm. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if a similar bundle were offered with a retail version of the upcoming SOCOM Confronation (which has not been announced for retail as of right now). Good show, Sony. Good show.


Nick Chester