Warhammer Online open beta date revealed

While Mythic Entertainment was kind enough to let us know that their Realm versus Realm focused MMORPG, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, would finally be hitting store shelves on September 18 — along with how much it would cost to play every month — they were a bit vague about the game’s open beta, aside from mentioning that there would be one.

It would appear that they’ve finally settled on a ‘let everyone in and hope they don’t trash our product’ date, though: September 7. That will give players a good 12 days to run around and kill the opposing forces of Order or Destruction before the game launches.

As for getting into the open beta, there are currently two different ways: if you were in the closed beta, then you’ll automatically be admitted to the open one, or, you could just pre-order the game from any one of these retailers and use the code that they’ll provide.

Is the open beta enough motivation for you to pre-order Warhammer?

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