Wargroove 2 announced for PC and Switch

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Plant wars

Chucklefish has announced that a follow-up to their 2019 strategy hit, Wargroove, is on the way. Wargroove 2 has been announced for Switch and PC, with no stated release window.

In a trailer dropped alongside the announcement, Chucklefish shows off the sequel’s new pirate faction. Wargroove 2 is touting three intertwined campaigns and a new roguelite conquest mode. Likewise, the robust campaign creator will be making a return.

Aside from that, Wargroove 2 is looking like more of the same. There are mentions of air and naval units, four-player skirmishes, and co-op. Both of which were also in the original title.

I bounced off the original Wargroove twice. I liked what I played, but I found it a bit more rigid than I expected. I thought it would be closer to Advance Wars and discovered there’s a deeper puzzle element to it. My brain isn’t that big, so I stumbled a bit and didn’t recover. I tried again with a physical version and had the same result. However, the sequel coming is making me think it’s time to give it another try. I liked what I saw; it just wasn’t clicking.

Wargroove 2 is coming to PC and Switch. It’s available to wishlist now, but no release window has been announced.

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