Warframe is finally ready to show the Duviri Paradox expansion soon

Duviri Paradox

Here’s a teaser

In case you forgot, Warframe unveiled the Duviri Paradox back in 2019. CJ described it as possibly “Warframe’s most ambitious open-world yet,” and we’re going to hear more about it…in roughly a month. We got a tease today at the Summer Game Fest, but it’ll be revealed on July 16 at Tennocon.

As a second side-announcement of sorts to the bigger Duviri Paradox tease: you can pick up the Crescent Night Bundle and the Stranger’s Hood items through watching the stream on Twitch.

Here are some updates straight from the Warframe dev team:

These updates are live NOW in Warframe

  • “Echoes of the Zariman,” an update to Warframe’s latest expansion responds to community feedback with some big gameplay improvements
  • The popular Dog Days Tactical Alert summer event returns delivering exclusive rewards and more

And some big news on Digital Extremes’ annual showcase, TennoCon

  • Merch packs including digital and physical loot are now available in the Warframe store
  • Digital Extremes will partner with Indspire to help support Canadian Indigenous youth education throughout the event

And here’s a full rundown of how to grab the Twitch drops:

Reward How to Obtain
Twitch Drop

Vericres (Warfan) + Renayla Sugatra

Watch TennoCon on July 16 for 30 Consecutive Minutes from 12:30 p.m. ET – 5 p.m. ET
Twitch Drop

Titania Prime

Watch TennoLive for 30 Consecutive Minutes on July 16 Starting at 5 p.m. ET
In-Game Drop

The Stranger’s Hood

(Operator/Drifter Cosmetic)

Join Digital Extremes for an In-Game Warframe Activity during TennoLive; Must Be Present In-Game at the Time of the Drop
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