Wall Street Journal talks videogames, fails SPECTACULARLY

This is simply adorable. The Wall Street Journal recently attempted to talk about videogames as it reported on the speculated corporate takeover of THQ and the valuable “IP” a publisher can possess. Y’know, I always thought “IP” stood for “Intellectual Property,” but according to the real journalists, I’m completely wrong. Let’s look at how JOURNALISM defines IP:

“Take-Two has a number of strong franchises and a number of wholly owned Internet Protocols. Wholly owned IPs not only carry higher profitability, but also are more valuable to media companies because they could be adapted into movies, TV serials and online destinations.”

I believe this is one of those things that doesn’t really need any additional commentary. Really, what else can I say to such a beautiful piece of writing? Sit back and revel in the JOURNALISM, kids. We mere bloggers can only hope to aspire to such fantastic editorial heights. 

Internet Protocols.

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