VVVVVV may have an odd name, but it sure does look fun

When it comes to platformers, I like them to be horrifically cruel and set to a catchy tune. While more often than not I have to settle for one or the other, Terry Cavanagh’s upcoming VVVVVV looks to satisfy both of my requirements.

A trailer for the indie game went up recently, and if you have a similar (albeit unusual) taste in videogames, you might just want to check it out. This is the first I’ve even heard of the project, but then again, I don’t keep up on the independent gaming news as much as I used to.

I have fond memories of playing Don’t Look Back, and the same can pretty much be said of Judith. Yes sir, I’ve got high hopes for VVVVVV, but I’m confident it will meet my expectations based on the aforementioned games — seriously, I really liked them!

[Via TIGSource]

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