Visual novel Saint Maker launches February 22nd

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All my friends are heathens

Saint Maker, the new visual novel from Yangyang Mobile, is set to drop on PC and Switch on February 22, 2023. The press release tells me that this date is significant because it’s Ash Wednesday, but as a Canadian, that just tells me that February 21st is Pancake Tuesday.

I probably lost a fair few of you at the word “Mobile,” but it’s necessary to highlight this game for a very important reason: Yangyang Mobile is the developer that brought us Perfect Gold, a game that came out in 2021 that I still haven’t shut up about.

However, while Perfect Gold was a beautiful yuri love story, Saint Maker has its sights set on horrifying you rather than warming your heart. It tells the story of Holly Beltran, who is attending a recollection at Saint Idelora’s convent when she starts witnessing strange hauntings. Saint Maker revolves around religious horror with a psychological twist. While there are interactive choices to be made, Yangyang Mobile has pegged the game at around 60,000 words and estimates it will take 4-6 hours to complete. Great information!

While I would have been perfectly content if Yangyang Mobile wanted to keep feeding me yuri romance, I’m down for a little variety. This isn’t their first foray into the horror genre, as they previously released The Letter in 2017.

Saint Maker will be available on PC and Switch on February 22nd. It will be available for $13.99, but you can enjoy a 20% discount during its launch week.

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