Virtual Boy demakes are red, black and awesome

In the world of gaming-consoles-that-I-don’t-dream-games-were-released-on the Virtual Boy is pretty much at the top of the list. Or so I thought, until these clever Virtual Boy demakes popped up over at Pixel Joint in honor of the 15th anniversary of the console’s Japanese launch.

I think the Virtual Boy version of Metroid Prime is by far my favorite of the entries, but the Monkey Island one is full-on cool, as well. I would have dug the Mega Man on VB as well; 3D robot masters could get seriously epic. It’s too bad the failure of the Virtual Boy will mean we will never see a portable 3D system again.

What would you like to see remade into a red and black 3D wonder?

Pixel Joint [via Tiny Cartridge]

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