Yu Suzuki planning to launch Virtua Fighter NFT range

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Sega legend Yu Suzuki has announced that he is teaming with metaverse company OASYX to create a collection of NFTs based upon his legendary fighting series, Virtua Fighter. The dreadful idea is expected to be the first step in a series of metaverse projects for the iconic game director.

A total of 1000 NFTs are currently in the works, debasing the likenesses of 11 Virtua Fighters from the first three releases in the series, (so we at least know that Eileen is safe, for now). The new range of NFTs is expected to form the base for a future release of further “metaverse avatars”

“During my time as a director at Sega, I initially developed Virtua Fighter using innovative 3D computer graphics technology, which was cutting-edge and industry-leading at the time,” said Suzuki in a statement. “Since then, the Virtua Fighter series has grown to be loved by many players and continues to be supported by numerous fans today.”

“Through my work supervising the development of OASYX’s unique worldview, I am delighted to combine innovative technology in the form of blockchain-based NFTs, with three titles from the Virtua Fighter series to create new entertainment for a wide range of gaming fans.”

Sega has been practically salivating at the prospect of diving into the metaverse, while simultaneously attempting to assure fans that it is wary of the controversial blockchain technology. As is the case with many other toe-dippers in recent months, both Sega and Suzuki seem completely unperturbed by the market’s inability to find consistent success, demonstrated by the complete collapse of cryptocurrency company FTX, the embarrassment of Meta, the dropping Google Search numbers, or fan anger displayed towards Ubisoft, Square Enix, and other studios getting on board the rocket to nowheresville.

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