Virtua Fighter 5’s Tekken costume collaboration DLC launches tomorrow

virtua fighter 5 teekken crossover costume dlc

What makes a Wolf a King?

Sega’s Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown gets its cosplay on this week, as its roster of knuckle-flinging pugilists dons the garb of its fellow 3D fighting title, Tekken. The Virtua Fighter x Tekken costume collaboration DLC will launch tomorrow on PlayStation platforms, priced at $9.99 USD.

The previously teased DLC package features new looks for all 19 members of the Virtua Fighter roster, each of whom will be replicating the look of one of Tekken‘s iconic heroes and/or villains. So whether you want to see Akira Yuki as Kazuya Mishima, Aoi as Asuka Kazama, Vanessa Lewis as Master Raven or, of course, Wolf Hawkfield as Tekken’s own giant swinger, King, then this fun new DLC has got you covered. Looking good, gang. Check out Pai Chan as Lily!

If that wasn’t enough, then you also have 20 classic Tekken hits added to the soundtrack, and the DLC even includes the option of switching out the Virtua Fighter U.I. with that of Tekken‘s King of Iron Fist Tournament, giving the entire playing field a funky new facelift to match its cosplay action. Nice touch.

Of course, this is not exactly “Virtua Fighter vs. Tekken”, which currently remains the stuff of a madman’s dream. Fighting games have gotten pretty obsessed with the concept of guest stars and crossovers in recent years — collaborations that are far more likely today than they were back in the 1990s — so never say never. Still, Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown does not have the character accessories necessary to turn Vanessa Lewis into KoF‘s Leona Heidern (something that was possible in previous release Final Showdown), so let’s get that back on the priority list, Sega!

Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown is available now on PS4.

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