Vietnam gets its first haven for addicted gamers

A recent report from the Vietnam News Service tells of a rehab clinic recently opened for gamers that are too addicted to be able to control their daily lives anymore. The clinic is in Ho Chi Minh City and currently has 50 patients between the ages of 13 and 18.

From the article:

Though the first game only appeared in Viet Nam four years ago, there are six million people playing them, mostly aged 13 – 18.

Huynh Hong Hiep head of training at the Southern Youth Centre – a centre for sport and culture that has set up the rehabilitation facility – says many parents complain they are unable to drag their children away from the computer.

The “treatment” works by developing their personalities through involvement in social work and other activities like music, painting, dancing, and sports, he says.

Everyone knows that rehab is terrible for you. Look at Amy Winehouse, she’s doing great without it! Seriously though, do you know anyone you feel you benefit from a gamers rehab clinic? I knew a guy once who wore diapers to prevent having to get up and go to the bathroom while playing Everquest. He was 32 years old. True story.

[Via Gamepolitics]


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