Videogame music sung sadly

Dtoider Mr PORC and friends have a very … unique hobby. They like to sing videogame music in a sad way. They even cry a little while singing the songs sometimes. It’s a pretty strange hobby, yet it’s also hilarious and amazing.

Mr PORC’s stuff is actually rather refreshing in my opinion. I’ve seen all sorts of videogame related videos that fall under our HAHA WEIRD! tag and it’s all gotten really stale as of late. 

Check out Mr PORCs sad musical covers of Metal Gear Solid, Street Fighter, Tetris and more all after the break.  

Metal Gear Solid theme.

Legend of Zelda theme.

Super Mario Kart theme.

Street Fighter II main theme.

Guile’s theme.

Chun-li’s theme.

Ryu’s theme.

Street Fighter II bonus stage.

Tetris theme.


Hamza Aziz