Videogame museum startup in San Francisco needs your help

A group wants to build The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment in the San Francisco Bay area, but they need your help. They need your cash. Right now they’re in the Kickstarter stage, and they’re looking for cash to help secure a location in the Bay area. Yes, it’s still early, but they have big things in mind.

“There are already world-class videogame museums in New York, Germany, and Italy. It’s time we got started building such an establishment here, in the San Francisco Bay Area,” said The MADE director Alex Handy.

“Despite the claims of some, videogames are undeniably art. We are dedicated to showing the reality of game development. We want to showcase the artists and designers who create games, and explain the processes behind their creation in a manner the general public can understand.”

As always, there are benefits to donating on Kickstart. In this case they range from free tickets to things like your name’s placement in the museum, or even a signed copy of one of Bungie’s earliest games, Pathways Into Darkness, says 1UP.

If this sounds like something you can get behind, send your money this way.

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