Video Sharing ousted in Home beta

Thus far only a handful of journalists have been able to get into the Home beta and explore its virtual crevices. But once we get in, we start banging stuff around. Yesterday, it was revealed by Wired that the video sharing options in Home have been either stripped or never implemented at all.

If you have been up on the plethora of promises Sony have tossed out about the downloadable PlayStation 3 service, sharing video was always at the top of the list. The idea is that other players could chill at someone’s apartment and watch purchased PlayStation Network stuff without having to buy it. Obviously, this feature probably never seemed fathomable from a digital rights perspective and is probably the reason that players aren’t seeing it today.

At least there’s still hope a casino can make it to Home. So instead of mulling around, wishing you could show your friends that copy of Robocop you just bought, there is a possibility you can gamble all of your worries away! Hopefully your cyber addiction won’t turn into a nasty cyber drinking habit that involves your vitual wife leaving you in the middle of the night.

Brad BradNicholson