Video: Netflix NXE update is ‘neat’

The Netflix software “upgrade” that comes with this August’s NXE update is “neat.” I know this because I said it 1,000 times in the walkthrough video you can see after the jump. But really, “neat” is the perfect word for it. Because while it’s a step beyond what was previously offered, it’s certainly not going to blow any minds.

It adds the ability to browse movies available in the “Watch it Now” library, including the options to add it to your queue or play them instantly. It’s an excellent, much-needed addition the service, and one that I’ve already begun to use. Having to get up out of my chair and walk to a computer was getting old, and so am I.

Unfortunately, the browsing options are a bit limited. It seemed I was offered the ability to only browse a few genres, and there was no way to organize them within genre (i.e alphabetically). There’s also no way to search for a specific movie, either. In many ways, it seems like the software is gimped purposely, as ignoring very obvious (and useful) options like what I mentioned seems silly. 

Also new and notable is the option to watch movies in a party with other users on Xbox LIVE. That option is better seen than explained, so hit the jump to check it out.

Like I said, it’s neat.


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