Video: Connecting a PS3 controller to the PSPgo, on TV

You may have heard that the PSPgo supports a Bluetooth connection to the PS3’s DualShock3 controller, letting you use its bigger and better buttons and sticks to control your PSP games. The problem is that Sony didn’t make the steps very clear. We’ve decided to make a video to show you how its done, and we’ll also show you some of the cool things you can do with the connection.

Believe it or not, a PS3 is required to make this connection. I have no idea why. It’s like Sony didn’t want to leave the PS3 out of the fun or something.

If you happen to have the PSPgo’s video cables, you can use the controller to play PSP games on your television. It works quite well, actually. A fully loaded PSPgo and a DualShock3 make for a very slick little portable game system now, perfect for hotel rooms or family visits where a television will be available.

Games definitely benefit from the bigger, better buttons. I tried Gran Turismo PSP, and was impressed by how much better the game controlled with the DualShock3’s analog nub. Just about everything I tried played great, with no lag or delays.

The DualShock3 to PSPgo connectivity is a quirky feature, but it’s neat, and I’m glad they implemented it.

Dale North