Venetica has a making-of video, looking bloody sexy

I’ve been interested in Deck13’s Venetica ever since it was announced, as I’m a sucker for a good action RPG and the premise of a young woman who happens to be the daughter of death sounded like it had legs. All that remained to be seen was to watch it in motion, and this new “behind-the-scenes” video has done nothing to dent my intrigue. In other words — it’s looking damn fine.

The character style and overall look of the game has an unmistakable Fable feel to it, but that’s offset by the striking and original Italian architecture. Choosing Venice for the game’s setting was a slick move and has instantly made what could have been quite a derivative game look much more unique. Hopefully when we next see the game, we’ll get to watch some combat. It’s looking surprisingly tight right now, considering the relative low profile of the studio, so I have high hopes. 

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Jim Sterling