Velvet Assassin slated for release this fall on Xbox 360, PC

A game that takes place during World War II that isn’t a first-person shooter? Can they … can they do that? Yes, actually, they can. And by “they,” I am of course referring to Replay Studios and its upcoming stealth game, Velvet Assassin.

If you’re unfamiliar with Velvet Assassin, you’ll want to read up on Nick’s experience with the game. Up until this point, we weren’t exactly sure when Velvet Assassin would be released, and we still don’t have a specific date, but we do know that it’ll be out on Xbox 360 and PC sometime this fall.

I’ve always opted for the gung-ho strategy over stealth when given the chance to do so, but Velvet Assassin‘s “Morphine Mode” and the way in which the story is presented through flashbacks are too intriguing for me to not want to try the game.

Jordan Devore
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