Vanquish gets dated for Japan: October 21st

Well, I blew my load right up there in the headline, so there’s not much to say here. I guess I can tell you that I played Sega and Platinum’s Vanquish at E3 and was quite impressed. This shooter is crazy, fast, and stylistic — no silly musclebound meatheads here. The gameplay is insane, but also makes you feel like a bit of a badass as you make your way through the insanity. I really dug that.

As for the date, Famitusu’s latest issue has a Vanquish spread that drops the October 21st date in its info box, says Siliconera.

If what Sega was saying earlier holds, we’ll also see our copies hit the shelves around the same time.

If you missed it, here’s our full preview of Vanquish from E3.

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