Valve introduces the Steam Wallet

Valve is currently beta testing a new addition to Steam, the creatively titled Steam Wallet. With Steam Wallet, customers can pop up to a $100 into their accounts for use at a later date. 

It works pretty much like the PlayStation Network and, to a lesser extent, Microsoft Points (lesser because it doesn’t involve pretend toy monetary systems). You simply get an option stock up the cash and wait for a game you want, then pay for it with the Wallet instead of direct from a credit card. 

I don’t actually see how this is more convenient or all that useful, given that it doesn’t actually stop you needing to use your credit card to pay for something. Nor do I see the benefit of turning your real cash into virtual cash, just in case you see a game you want in the future. Seems rather pointless to me, but who knows?

If it leads to Steam points cards going on sale at GameStop, that might actually be interesting, I suppose.

Steam Wallet Beta Lets Gamers Pre-Load Cash [Shacknews]

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