UTV’s crazy-looking FPS Reich still in development

Remember a few weeks back when we ran some footage of a “canceled” game, Reich? Click here to refresh your memory.

Okay, new story: it’s not canceled. In fact, according to the game’s publisher, UTV Ignition Entertainment, it’s still in development. Word comes with the announcement that the company has consolidated its West and East Coast operations to an office in Austin, Texas.

“The company’s highly-anticipated first-person shooter, Reich, remains in development and is now being developed in Austin, where key personnel along with additional new hires will create a new internal development team,” are the exact words in the press today.

“Highly anticipated,” huh? Let me be honest: I didn’t even know the game existed until the footage showed up in late December. That’s not saying I’m not happy to hear it’s still on its way, because it pretty much looks insane.

Nick Chester