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[For you non-Americans, you're probably wondering how horrified we US citizens are at the thought of our next election. For my fellow Americans, how about we listen to Mr Knives at just what kind of limitless options we have ...   read
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[Dtoid community member and chooser of excellent screen names Mr Knives is thankful for the TimeSplitters games. I've never played them but have heard from lots of folks over the years that they were, to quote the Greatest Ge...   read
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About Mr Knivesone of us since 4:32 PM on 10.03.2011

I was a writer, reporter and language editor for a localization company in South Korea. Now I'm back in the good ole' US of A working as a writer/editor/photographer. A lover of old school FPS games, the Metal Gear series and general shenanigans.

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