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  Watch Video [LaScary (the artist formerly known as LaTerry) and I have something in common. I don’t mix well with horror games typically. For me, it’s not even the scary stuff that gets to me. I’m fine with that. It&rsq...   read
[Gallery] Swipe or use arrow keys
  Watch Video [LaTerry straps on his dancing shoes, and gives us a peek into his evolution from a total stiff to a rhythm-obsessed fanatic! This stuff is pure, unadulterated fun. Resistance is futile. I see that head bobbing. Don’t s...   read

[LaTerry thinks back on what Dragon Quest used to be and how it's grown to be one of his most enduring favorites. It doesn't generate as much buzz in the West as Final Fantasy but damn is it not just a stalwart franchise of J...   read
[Gallery] Swipe or use arrow keys

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I like dragons. Video games have dragons? I like video games!