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  Watch Video I was so hyped for this. The trailer looked fantastic, and I'm a sucker for anthology horror. Even if the quality of the shorts was uneven, I enjoyed the original V/H/S's use of a frame story. This movie’s frame st...   read
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  Watch Video This is a hard movie to review. It isn’t ‘good’, but I loved it. If you’re a fan of The Room, it retains that film’s oddball charm without it feeling forced. It barely makes sense and its slow pa...   read

  Watch Video I’ve never watched Gnomeo and Juliet, the first entry in the British Garden Gnome Public Domain Property Parody Adventure series, but apparently they opted not to end the first film with mutual suicide. I...   read

Actress, singer, and TV host Rita Ora will be joining Ryan Reynolds, Justice Smith, Bill Nighy, Suki Waterhouse, and Ken Watanabe in Legendary Entertainment’s 2019 Pokemon film, Detective Pikachu. I have to sa...   read


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Gregg Gaddy is a huge movie nerd and lives in Hollywood.

His favorite genres are horror and sci-fi, but he enjoys well made movies of any genre. He also enjoys terrible movies and actively seeks them out.

Disclosure: Since he lives in Los Angeles, Gregg knows people who work in the film & gaming industry. Any review I write will disclose any conflicts of interest that may exist.