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Welcome back to Comments of the Week, where everything's made up and the points don't matter! I'm your host Fuzunga, and this week we've got tons of great comments compressed for your viewing pleasure.   read
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See, what did I tell you? The week started off with the cancellation of Scalebound and ended with Switch pre-order madness. 2017 has officially begun! Also, my old MacBook decided to stop charging in the middle of the week wh...   read
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Congratulations, you are now through the slowest part of the gaming year. Nothing major ever happens at the very end of December through the first week of January. But can you hear that in the distance? It's the sound of hype. For, lo, the Nintendo Swtich event cometh with news out the wazoo! For now, though, let's enjoy this quiet moment together and look though some comments.   read
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Comments of the Week 04

It's that time again when we all pick our favorite games of the year. 2016 was stuffed with great ones like Overwatch, Doom, and Final Fantasy XV, but those are all garbage compared to the One True Game of the Year. Of course...   read


Comments of the Week 03

[Coming to you a little late, what a busy week it's been! This was a special week for me too, as I proposed to community member Madoka Malika (yes...she said yes) ~ Stephen] Okay, we all know what year it really is....   read


Comments of the Week 02

  Watch Video Welcome back to Comments of the Week for a special fully stocked December edition. We've got Final Fantasy XV comments! We've got comments about The Game Awards! We've even got piping hot 'n fresh PlayStation Experience comments! Come on in and browse this incredible selection curated by me, Fuzunga. All for the low, low price of absolutely free. It's a feast for your eyeballs!   read
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Comments of the Week 01

So you might have noticed when you clicked on this post that I am not, in fact, your boy Dreamweaver. If you're out of the loop, Dreamweaver is fine but taking a break from Destructoid. He may be back someday, but in the mean...   read

Not too cool for school
[At first I thought I was going to love Super Mario Maker. But after a while, I realized that the bad curation of levels really hampers my enjoyment of the game. It's all about finding good levels from good curators. So do yo...   read
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