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[Hey look, a game made by Dtoid's very own Dinosir!! Go buy it, damn it!] Thank you all for your support. You guys are awesome! And I love this community. :D Here's a link if you're interested.   read
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Hi I'm Matt, I'm basically a cynical grumpy old man stuck in a 26 year old's body. When I'm not busy complaining about video games, I've been known to actually play some. And there are rumours I made a game, that may, or may not be called Aftermath, and may or may not be an NES style platformer where you play as a dog.
Anyways you can follow me on the Twitters ( I hear that's what the cool kids do these days) https://twitter.com/megadinosir. Or you can just follow me here. I probably post more here than twitter.
バイバイ~ (^∀^ฅ)