User generated content could come to Avatars, claims Rare

A while ago, Rare had mentioned that clothing and accessories for Microsoft’s twee-but-worthless Avatars could arrive in the form of Achievement-style videogame unlocks. Now the studio is back to say that user generated content is also a possibility.

“User-generated content is a huge area that would not have been done any justice if we had tried to cram it into the launch release of this project,” claims Avatar designer Dale Murchie. “There may be features coming that open up the expressive potential of the Xbox community, but we’re keeping quiet on that for now.”

Head of art Lee Musgrave is slightly more candid, saying: “Creativity is going to play a big part in the development of the Avatars.”

So, it seems that the future may allow us to inject a bit of our own personality into Avatars, not the simplified cookie-cutter personalities that Microsoft has told us we have. Quite how this will take shape, I wouldn’t like to predict, but it may threaten to make the soulless little f*ckpuppets marginally interesting for a few moments.

Could more hands-on creativity stir you to care about Avatars?

Jim Sterling