Under Siege is an RTS, only available on PSN

Before the dinosaurs huffed meteor dust and collapsed simultaneously (August) Seed Studios announced a PlayStation 3 exclusive title on NeoGAF called Under Siege. Seed intended the title to make its official debut at Leipzig, but apparently it missed its flight.

In December — well after the dinosaurs went extinct — Seed uploaded a barren Web site for the game. It boasted nothing about Under Siege except for its PlayStation 3 exclusivity.

Now, a few details have emerged thanks to the game’s development blog and Joystiq. Under Siege is a RTS scheduled to hit the PlayStation Store this Fall. The game’s lead designer Bruno Ribeiro writes that the title will have a “control scheme designed with a console controller in mind” and will have several “multiplayer and community features with special emphasis on user generated content.”

Seed also tossed up few pre-alpha images of the game. They look great considering the downloadable platform. Check them out and tell us what you think.

Brad BradNicholson