Uncharted 2: Among Thieves closed beta kicks off today

Just an FYI for everyone that picked up inFAMOUS — you can now put that shiny Uncharted 2 promotional code that came in the case to good use by downloading the beta client. (And since the 1282 MB download should take a good 20 minutes to download and install, feel free to keep reading Destructoid’s continuing E3 coverage.)

Once installed, you can jump right into Matchmaking — there’re Custom Game and Cinema options as well, but they aren’t selectable — and enter into either the Beta Competitive Playlist (Deathmatch and Murder game modes) or the Beta Cooperative Playlist (Objective Cooperative mode),

I jumped into a game of deathmatch just to see how everything handled. The short story is that it’s the deathmatch we’ve all grown accustomed to over the years with Uncharted’s control scheme. Pretty standard stuff, although there was one minor disappointment I had with it. See, the generic merc characters that you control feel pretty slow and clunky; I would have really liked it if they could move a bit more like Nathan “must have been a monkey in his past life” Drake and climb around the environment. But hey, who knows what Naughty Dog will end up changing or adding. Also, it seems like there may be some sort of leveling system or unlockables in the final product, as my team was awarded $2000 for winning the match, and I don’t currently see anything to spend it on.

Anyway, the beta is certainly worth a try, so feel to let me know what you think about it in the comments after you’ve taken it for a spin.

Justin Villasenor