Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 mod sees Street Fighter’s Sakura join the party

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You may remember, at the start of the year, we reported that a modder had made the world that little bit better, having successfully modded a playable Juri Han into Capcom’s comic-book fighter Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 — well, it seems that Ms. Han is not the only street fighter squaring up against the Marvel alumni, as a brand new mod brings with it the inimitable Sakura Kasugano!

Talented modder Dragonify released a video showcasing their hard work in action, as Sakura — sporting her Street Fighter V duds — steps up to the plate against a team of Marvel vs. Capcom comrades. Mapped over the form of Ryu, a given considering Sakura’s shoto move set, Sakura is equipped with many of her distinct specials, including her air Tatsu, high-arc Shinku Hadoken, and even her running double Dragon Punch. You can check Sakura out in the video below and download her files from Nexus Mods.

In recent years, multiple new characters have been added to the UMvC3 roster via mods. Sharp eyes will spot SFV‘s Rashid also putting in an appearance in this video, while Dragon Ball Z‘s Goku, Marvel meme Morbius, and even *checks notes* Smol Ame have also been made available to the popular fighter’s PC community. Given that UMVC3 is now a creaky 11 years old, it’s a testament to the Marvel vs. Capcom community, internationally renowned for its passion and dedication toward the crossover fighting franchise.

Sakura Kasugano is yet to be revealed for the roster of Street Fighter 6, but it’s good to know that the fight-loving teen is still keeping her fists and feet flying after-hours.

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