UK DS chargers could hurt you

Just like our lead toys in North America, the UK has found that Chinese mobile chargers have the propensity to maim individuals. According to the BBC, a specific charger with the code marking DE62347066 has the same electric ability as a ticked off Pikachu. Once trading officers found the problem, they issued a specific warning for the platform with the most prominent usage of the chargers, the Nintendo DS and DS Lite.

Chris Holden, senior trading standards officer had this to say about the amount of these chargers available in the UK:

The UK appears to be flooded with them. It probably runs into hundreds of thousands or even millions.

The good thing is, these chargers don’t look to be a legitimate product. They appear to be some sort of bargain basement deal that people buy when they don’t realize that cheap electronics have the ability to overheat. Whatever happened to the glory of the Nintendo stamp of approval? I still refuse to go outside of that comfort zone.

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