UK Charts: The Sims 3 takes control

Despite its heavily pirated status, it would appear that The Sims 3 has dominated the UK charts this week. EA’s latest in the life and/or torture simulator is said to be very good indeed, with some great new features and, of course, a brand new (un)official nudity patch. Its huge mainstream success made it a shoe-in for the top slot, really.

Meanwhile, Sony exclusive inFAMOUS slips down from five to six, having had perhaps not the best of runs. It certainly didn’t mirror the success of Killzone 2

In another interesting twist, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has now climbed above World at War in the charts. Perhaps the push to promote Modern Warfare 2 has made more mainstream fans check it out, or perhaps everyone just realized it was the far superior game. Either way, CoD4‘s online mode is still going strong, with plenty of newbs to kill, to make sure to get a game in. 

Hit the jump for the full charts.

  1. The Sims 3
  2. Red Faction: Guerrilla
  3. UFC 2009: Undisputed
  4. EA Sports Active
  5. Wii Fit
  6. inFAMOUS
  7. Pokemon Platinum
  8. Guitar Hero: Metallica
  9. Virtua Tennis 2009
  10. Terminator Salvation
  11. FIFA 09
  12. Fuel
  13. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
  14. Mario Kart Wii
  15. Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
  16. Grenade of Grenade: Grenade at Grenade
  17. My Fitness Coach
  18. Star Ocean: The Last Hope
  19. Wii Play
  20. Mystery Stories
Jim Sterling