Ugly/beautiful Mega Man 9 shirt up for preorder

Everyone loves Mega Man 9. You saw our review, right? What you haven’t seen is our inner-office mailer called Mega Man 9 HELP! :O, where many of the editors are exchanging game play tips and strategies. It’s like we’re all 13 again!

I’ll tell you what would impress the guys at school. Remember the Mega Man 9 T-shirt Jonathan Holmes showed us at E3 earlier this year? Well, the official version is available for preorder over at Capcom’s shop.

  • Available in an unmatched selection of sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, and Mega-XL (XXL)
  • Black finely-spun 100% cotton thread assembled with proprietary MegaWeave™ technology provides improved gaming performance in Mega Man® 9 and all other Capcom titles
  • Collar and two sleeves ensure comfort and easy access to appendages
  • Detailed Mega Man® 9 boxart symmetrically printed on front – sure to impress friends, strangers, and significant others

These chest-worn works of art go for $24.95 and will ship September 30th.

Dale North