Ubisoft: You gotta have Kinect (and an iPad)

Ubisoft has compared Kinect to the iPad in terms of how much you need to have it. While from most, sane, people, that would be considered an insult, Ubisoft’s North American president Laurent Detoc actually means it as a compliment

“It’s a piece of technology,” he said, surprising us all with such a revelation. “Why do people buy iPads? I have an iPad. My wife has an iPad. Why? You’ve gotta have it. Kinect, you put that on top of your TV. You’ve got to have it. It’s cool.

“I believed from day one that you could play without a controller … Ubisoft is well-positioned to be the leading third party on that machine”.


Kinect will match iPad wow factor – Ubisoft [CVG]

Jim Sterling