Ubisoft tradem.a.r.x. ‘H.A.W.X.’

Internet trademark-finder extraordinaire Mork has uncovered a new Ubisoft trademark for “H.A.W.X.” in relation to “game software and electronic game programs.” Related “H.A.W.X.” filings were also uncovered that related to television programs, action figures, plush toys, and computer game instruction manuals.

Mork points out that Kotaku had uncovered a trademark for “Strike Hawk” in relation to a videogame, but can’t seem to make any other connections. Neither can we, quite frankly, but with Ubisoft’s Ubidays on the horizon, it’s possible we may be hearing more soon. Considering this is Ubisoft, there’s a fifty-percent chance Tom Clancy’s name will be attached to the title.

Fun hawk fact: Large hawks lay one one or two eggs each year, whereas smaller hawks can lay between three and five. Wild. [Source: Birds of Prey Foundation]

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