Ubisoft teasing something with film poster knock-offs

Ubisoft sent us some images today, and we can assume it’s for a game, but we don’t really know. Why? They’re not telling.

The three images — knock-offs of movie posters for Jaws, Friday the 13th, and Pulp Fiction — came in an email that had little to no context. The subject text leads itself into the body of the email text, which when completed reads “You may not know it… but everyone can make it in Hollywood… with a glimpse of cruelty.”

The publisher isn’t revealing what this is for right now, but we’ve got a good guess — the unannounced Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network title Blood Good Time outed by the ESRB not too long ago. The ratings board pegged it as a first-person shooter where players participate in a television program where they try to kill each other with frying pans, machine guns, knives, and more. Oddly, the game’s placeholder site doesn’t entirely jive with that.

Bloody Good Time is a game regrouping ambitious teen actors ready to kill for fame! Selected by a weird B-movie director looking for the best shot, they will do anything to get the lead role,” the description reads.

With PAX coming up, we have a feeling we’ll know more soon. 

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