Ubisoft hearts Wii: Brothers in Arms is a comin’

Attention Wii owners who actually play the Wii: Ubisoft’s quality WWII FPS Brothers in Arms is coming to the Wii — and DS. Slated to hit the Wii this fall and the DS this summer, here’s the statement from developer Gearbox:

“Brothers In Arms really lends itself to both the Wii and DS interfaces. Imagine using the Wii Remote to give actual hand signals or aiming with the DS stylus from a covered position. That’s what you can look forward to with Brothers In Arms Double Time and Brothers In Arms DS.”

I wonder how the online will be … oh wait, there won’t be! Ha! I kid, I kid. I’m sure this is great news for Wii owners who have nothing to actually play on the Wii. And maybe, just maybe, the game will have some sort of online functionality afterall. Who knows, stranger things have happened.

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