Ubisoft dedicates entire label to mini-games

I think that if any videogame company has lost the plot since this mystical “casual gaming” craze got started, it’s Ubisoft. The publisher has wasted little time in flooding the market with utter nonsense in a flailing attempt to have a piece of Nintendo’s pie and is going to take things one step further with the launch of Play Zone — a label devoted to mini-games and other crap that already has a cornered market.

“With our new Play Zone party titles, the Wii gamers who like to spend time with friends and family will have fun with the Wii through innovative and involving mini-games,” claims Ubisoft’s EMEA Marketing Director John Parkes. “The Play Zone label will provide them with the best games to mingle and compete together in a fun and friendly atmosphere.”

Just in case you were worried that this wasn’t a thinly-veiled plan to essentially try to be Nintendo, rest assured that the first game is a sports mini-game compilation. With Sports Party, Ubisoft certainly won’t let down any fans of blatant “me too” chicanery.

Do you guys remember the North American videogame crash of 1983? You know, that one where hundreds of low-quality games flooded the market because companies all wanted a piece of what was popular and oversaturated consumers with their stupidity?

Well I’m not saying it’s going to happen. But maybe companies need to calm the f**k down at some point.

[Thanks, Superhobo]

James Stephanie Sterling