Ubisoft CEO thinks publishers may delay Q1 2010 games

Upon receiving a magical box of wisdom in the mail earlier this year, several publishers decided to move their high-profile titles out of the busy holiday release window. Max Payne 3, Singularity, BioShock 2, Red Dead Redemption, Red Steel 2, Dark Void, Splinter Cell Conviction, Heavy Rain and a host of other titles are now slated to hit at some point in Q1 2010 instead of immediately before or after Christmas. One problem: these games are going to end up competing with each other within a comparable period of time, in essence voiding the seemingly smart move to a different window. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot realizes this and thinks more delays are coming as a result.

In a recent conversation with MCV, Guillemot said, “We now have a situation where there are a lot of good games due for release in the first half of next year, but I think publishers will move again.”

“The first quarter of 2010 is looking pretty crazy. So I expect some movement from the other players — some of those delayed games will be moved again,” the CEO said.

Guillemot was careful not to lump his company’s Q1 2010 portfolio — Red Steel 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction — with his simple observation, but we just feel (in our bones, of course) that he’s prepping us for another Conviction delay. If that happens, well, it’s fine with us. We love making Duke Nukem Forever jokes. Really.

[via 1UP]

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