Ubismug: Publisher knew about WiiMotionPlus

The announcement of WiiMotionPlus was considered a total surprise by some developers who believed they were kept in the dark. While other companies felt they were thrown a curve ball, Ubisoft has smugly pulled its braces taught and claimed it knew what Nintendo was up to all along.

Ubi president Yves Guillemot knew the dog before it came to class:

Nintendo has been working on that for a long time, trying to see how they could improve the precision. We knew for a long time they were working on that, so it’s not a big surprise for us. We’ll start seeing something in September/October. We already have games that can take advantage of it.

See, you IDIOTS!? You should have seen it coming. Ubisoft knew, why didn’t you? Why didn’t YOU!?

After E3, LucasArts was apparently furious with Nintendo for holding back information about WiiMotionPlus. It would certainly have added a little extra to The Force Unleashed, but sadly LucasArts just isn’t privy to the arcane knowledge that Ubisoft has. Perhaps it’s time to invest in one of Guillemot’s crystal balls.

James Stephanie Sterling