Ubidays ’07: EndWar to have voice support & MMO features

Ubisoft have big plans for their next Tom Clancy title, EndWar, with two ambitious ideas detailed as part of its Parisian Ubidays event. First, there’s the announcement that the game can be played solely through the use of voice commands. The online strategy game can be played traditionally with buttons, but should you want to eat a cake or masturbate while getting your tactics on, you’re free to do so.

Ubisoft have tried voice command technology before, but hopefully it will work out a lot better than in the Xbox’s Rainbow Six 3. Apparently the more advanced tech is working out very well, so we might have a voice commanded game that actually succeeds. I still remember the reviews for Lifeline. While this particular writer will remain slightly skeptical, it’s skepticism with an open mind.

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[Via Eurogamertwice!] 

The other big news for EndWar is that Ubisoft plans to build an ongoing online campaign, injecting a little MMO flavor into proceedings. “Though it’s a bit too early to reveal much of our intentions in terms of online multiplayer content, I can say that one of our most ambitious features is a massively-multiplayer persistent online world campaign,” EndWar‘s creative director, Michael de Plater, said in a press kit Q&A. 

As well as the two big plans, Ubisoft also talked about a new camera angle for this latest Tom Clancy game, with a lower, over the shoulder approach which was likened to Madden. A shedload of intriguing new plans for this World War III ’em up and something to keep an eye on.

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