UberBoat 2 now available for pre-order at half off

UberBoat 2, the sequel to a Flash game fittingly named UberBoat (which was itself an rework of the 1977 arcade game Depthcharge), is a diversion where you blow up submarines with a boat. This is a trailer for that game.

I like UberBoat quite a bit, though there isn’t a whole lot that distinguishes it from any number of other flash games like it. Developer RetroEpic looks like they’re putting a fair bit of effort into this sequel and it’s a far cry visually from the sprites in the last go around. 

Pre-orders are open for UberBoat 2 over at RetroEpic’s website and they’re offering a fifty percent discount on the price of the game if you’ll lay down $7.49 over the weekend. And there’s the rub. They’re planning to ask fifteen dollars for a sub-killing game? I sure hope they have a lot of features coming that they haven’t told us about yet because that seems steep.

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