Two new Persona 4 trailers: Is that Kira?

This new Persona 4 footage shows us a bit more of what we’ve seen before. The new cast of characters (including that weird bear-thing which apparently has a pop-off head), some social interactions, new environments, the battle system, catchy tunes — all in all, it’s looking a lot like Persona 3, which is certainly not a bad thing. Plus, one of the monsters they’re fighting looks like a giant robot from the early-to-mid ’90s. Sweet!

There’s a scene in the second trailer (viewable after the jump) that makes me wonder if the developers might have been watching a bit too much Death Note. Specifically, the spot at 0:53 that shows a hand quickly writing in a notebook, then a car spinning out of control, and then a guy with glowing eyes laughing maniacally. I really like Death Note, though, so any resemblance certainly doesn’t bother me.

We also get to see a quick shot of series regular Igor, who will presumably be offering his Persona-fusing services once again. There’s also a guy that gets sucked up into his TV. I wonder if that might be the next realm the Shadows choose to inhabit.

Are you looking forward to Persona 4, or, like me, have you not yet gotten around to beating Persona 3?

Justin Villasenor