Two big MS announcements in two days: one down, one to go

According to last night’s post over at Microsoft operated blog, Channel 10:

Two of the coolest Microsoft annoucements since CES are going to be breaking tonight and tomorrow night, and we have exclusive video for both of them.

The first, the Xbox 360 Elite SKU, was the worst kept secret in the industry (next to the other worst kept secrets, of course). Nex brought you all of the juicy official details earlier, even refraining from using that God damned Winston Churchill picture.

So what’s next? Some have speculated that Microsoft and Rockstar will announce that the upcoming IV (not Grand Theft Auto IV…just IV), will be an Xbox 360 exclusive. With the official trailer dropping tomorrow, the timing almost make sense. Some have even pointed to an “official” Rockstar support page which only has the Xbox 360 listed as the platform.

Hold your horses, though, partner. How about the “People are f**king stupid” platform? Or the “Nick Chester’s Free PS3, Courtesy of SCEA” console? That does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? But despite people jumping to conclusions, it would be silly to rule anything out entirely. MS have already apparently paid good money to secure exclusive downloadable content for Rockstar’s cash cow, so it’s not that far fetched to think that wallets (and butt cheeks) were opened even wider to extend that further.

But it might not even be game related at all. Perhaps a signficant update to Xbox Live? How about making it, uh, free? It’s also entirely possible that has nothing to do with the Xbox 360 itself; maybe Microsoft will unveil a new version of Excel for Vista. You never know.

So what could it be? Go ahead — kill your entire day in the comments of this thread, speculating.

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